Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dinner after fishing

Honey dad fry rice, siput and the fish that we catch.

I love to dig siput.

Yun Zhern likes it but Chien wont take it at all.

Honey dew bought by honey dad, it cost RM40.

2nd Fishing Mania

11-10-2009 Sunday
It was the 2nd time we went for fishing.
We went to the beach in front of ours house.
It rained in the morning, we planned to cancel the fishing trip. Luckily, it stopped in the afternoon.
Daddy went to Gertak Sanggul with Yun Zhern to buy cacing (earth worm).
After that, we went McDonalds again for our brunch. (We usually brunch in Sunday)

Chien was excited to feel the fish biting into the bait.
she shouted, "有tot tot tot 了!"

yay, I've got fish!!!