Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Building Speech

Parents naturally expect their child to acquire speech as they grow from an infant to a preschooler. As parents you are important for build up in the language process. The researchers found that "as the children grew they became more and more like their parents in vocabulary size, language, and interaction style. About 90% of the words recorded in each child’s vocabulary were also found in their parents." So if a parent didn't use the word the child didn't either. Speak to your child. Talk to them about the things that you and they are doing.

I let them to choose one of their photos and to talk about it.

"This is my coloring, I love it because it is beautiful." by Yi Chien.
Nice coloring...... I love it too.
"It's funny." Yi Chien said.

"很美." (It's nice) Yun Zhern said, guided by Yi Chien.
Learning how to manipulate clothes pegs is a great exercise to improve their fine motor skill.


  1. The 1st dwg is coloured by your dotter? The colouring is nice.

    And your boy is really cute...hihi

  2. YOu make a great point. It is so important to talk to our children and engage them in conversation and I like that you used photos of intersting (and yet also familiar) things to talk about. I will have to do this! Thanks for sharing!