Monday, June 8, 2009


A lot of people having chikungunya(基孔症) in this season....
Yes, I 'm the lucky one as well.....

Past story ( April 20....) But the pain wont go until now...

I was having fever and it caused rashes and joint pain.
When i woke up at 1am, i felt a little painful of joint, but it became worse at night.

The next morning (Thursday) i couldn't get up and stand , Wei(my little pretty sister) fetch me to Penang General Hospital. I did blood test for Denggi and Chikungunya. But they showed negative. The doctor said that was normal fever.
I took rest at my mom house. So, I missed out Chien's homeschooling lesson. I took Panadol pill.
When Eddy came back from work, he bought me new medicine which is more powerful.
Eddy helped me to apply YokoYoko for joint paining. It worked. The fever gone but the still felt the painful of joint.

I could do some house hold chores on Friday.

Hooray!!! Recovered.

In the morning, i got rashes suddenly, I went to Public Clinic (Sungai Ara). The doctor suspected Chikungunya. The likely symtom. I planned to go for checking the next morning.

I went to clinic Jalan Tenggah to do blood test again. The same thing happenned, that was not Chikungunya. Fever. It made me worried.
The grateful thing is Chien helped me up. She took care of Zhern.
She knew that I was unable to walk as normal. She helped me for taking medician.
"Thanks, Yi Chien, I love you."
Chien had to stay back at school for her computer class the next morning. I told her I would not able to send her the bento for lunch. So I prepared bread for her. She agreed. Yes, she is thoughtfully. "Good girl."

My legs swelled up, I went to G.H. again at 12am with my dad, (thanks, papa).
I admitted. But I discharged the next afternoon with nothing serios......

Heard from others, this is the symtom of Chikungunya.

Joint pain,Fevel,Rashes and swell .


  1. Hope that u fully recover soon...

  2. Hi Lily, first time I hear or read of that name...'chikungunya'....whatever it is.
    Can't be caused from eating cikus? Ha ha. Just kidding.
    You get well fast and stay easy. Best regards, Lee.