Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mmm..... yummy!

This is for YZ, my little boy.

This is for me.

Good morning! Don't they look yummy? See how creative am I..... Hee hee, actually the idea is from which the blogger that always shares. Thanks!

The eggs are almost cooked 'sunny-side-up' (单面荷包蛋) with the half cooked yolk. You can then dip your bread with it. It is delicious .Try it on.


  1. I suppose the "star" shd be cheese ?

  2. Yes, You are right? It is cheese. I squeezed a little of tomato sauce on it. My kids love it.

  3. Hello Lily, you sure one creative lady.
    Nothing like dressing up whatever food to eat, always makes it look good.

    And food made by a loving mother always tastes best.
    You keep well, keep a song in your heart and have a nice day, Lee.