Monday, July 27, 2009


8th of July 2009 --- Bean Necklace
Lacing beads provide excellent fine motor skill practice and are useful for teaching concepts such as counting, patterns, colors, sorting and hand eye coordination.

I did it !!!
11 July-14 July --- Chien is in hospital

watching TV
14 July-18 July --- Zhern is in Hospital

Y.Zhern likes to hide behind curtain.
fun playing with his guns.
18 July 2009 --- A Play
Chien recite rhyme"Two Little Dickie Birds"

read a story with the tittle " Bear Feels Sick"

Yun Zhern gave a helmet as prize. fun.

have fun with jiejie....


20 July 2009 --- Bento

Bento for Chien to school.

Science activity by Science Explorer
One of the science activity from "Science Explorer" by my sister .
color invention.
yellow + blue =green .paint for green apple.

21 July 2009 ---Bento Lunch

Lunch bento for Chien to school(computer lesson).


22 July 2009 ---New Born Baby

visit my 2nd sister
she gave birth to a healthy baby boy name Jiun herr 均贺.
23 July 2009 ---Bento

Gardening --- worms catching


  1. wah, u ask child to catching worm oh...
    n he so brave to catch it...good~~~~